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After the recent closure of the Exmouth farmers market after 17 years, Budleigh Farmers' Market is calling out for your support. Market organiser Tom Garner – who is also a wildlife ranger for Clinton Devon Estates believes the market is not only good for the stall holders, but brings extra visitors to the town overall who browse and of course buy from other local businesses.

The market currently has 10 stalls with a range of traditional products from meat to honey, eggs and cakes. The prices are good too, Tom is trying to dispel the myth that the market is more expensive than the supermarket:

“People have the perception that farmers markets are more expensive than the supermarkets when actually they're not because you're missing out the middle man”

The market needs both increased customers and more stallholders to grow and with the increased importance people place on buying locally, supporting local business and farmers and good quality traceable produce; the market has the potential to boom.

Contact Tom at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Read more at devonlive.com