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In the Exmouth journal this week I saw a story about a girl from Budleigh who received a gold Book Track certificate - and I was curious to see what this was.

Book Track is a scheme aimed at encouraging young children to read and discuss what the have read through the Devon libraries. They are awarded badges for milestones based on the number of books they read. The clever twist here is that to ensure the book has been read (rather than just checked out of the library), children have to talk about the book with their local librarian in order to get their stamp.

The scheme is aimed, so the Devon County Council website says at anyone over 6 years old –I wonder if that includes people in their 30s, I do like a good badge.

Isla King form Budleigh managed to read 100 books over a 12 month period, which is brilliant. She has also discussed all the books she has read with the librarian and for reaching her 100th book she not only got her gold badge and certificate but was also presented with them by the Budleigh Salterton Deputy Mayor.

The Book Track scheme seems like a great idea not only to get children reading and thinking about what they have read, but also building confidence in talking to adults and in a modern digital world keeping the library’s alive by encouraging children to use them and see them as a positive place to be. Well done Isla!